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Marina Corricella, the fisherman's harbour

A unique place of cultural heritage from the 17th century, the colourful fishing village of Marina Corricella has miraculously weathered over time both wind and salt water conidtions. Despite being one of the oldest settlements on the Island, Corricella bares almost no similarity to the more medieval, even hostile neighboring areas of Terra Murata or the closed Casale Vascello

The impression that the fishing village leaves is one of being cheerful, warm and friendly. In fact the word "Corricella" comes from the Greek "kora Cale”, nice neighborhood. It’s colourful houses, terraces and patios are almost always bathed in sun and you can often, even in winter, enjoy the excellent cuisine of local restaurants sitting outside. The fishing village also benefits from the fact that there is no traffic.

Corricella can only be entered by stairways and passages hidden amongst the houses and because of this the village has remained an ‘oasis of silence and peace’. Along with the few restaurants scattered on the Marina, offering local cuisine of the highest quality, generally seafood, you will also find arts, crafts and fashion boutiques. Definately to be recommended during the warmer months, would be dinner on the Marina under the soft lighting just a short walk from the sea.