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The for their architecture most attractive places are Marina Grande, the old village of Terra Murata, the Fisherman’s village of Marina Corricella and the Port of Marina Chiaiolella. Here you will find many characteristics of the traditional architecture including arches, external staircases, balconies, pastel colouring and especially the "Vefio" with its typical wide span open arch.

Your journey might start at Marina Grande, also called Sancio Cattolico, where the houses are grouped together and with a maximum of three floors facing the sea front. In front of the Church of S. Maria Della Pietà you begin your walk up the street of Vittorio Emanuele. The first street on the left, Via Principe Umberto, will take you all they way up to Terra Murata and the Abbey of Sant’ Michele.

About halfway up Via Principe Umberto and before reaching Piazza Dei Martiri (Martyr’s Square) on your left is an alley and on your right you enter the Casale Vascello. The Casali are built up on various levels and grouped together around a courtyard, characteristic XVI century architecture very similar to the Arabian Kasbah. This area along with the protected Terra Murata is where the first settlers of the Island lived and dates back to the XVI Century. Continuing your journey up Via Principe Umberto, you will finally reach Terra Murata, the oldest and highest point on the Island.

For centuries this area saved the Islanders from the raiding pirates. The enormous building at the top of Terra Murata includes the ex Prison and abandoned Palace D’Avalos. Hidden in a corner is the entrance of Sant’ Michele’s Abbey, Patron Saint of the Island, built by Benedictine Monks around the year 1000. A visit to the church and its catacombs is worth the effort and includes beautiful views of the entire Gulf of Naples from the terrace.